The Blair family go electric

To celebrate International Drive Electric Week, we caught up with a local family who purchased an electric vehicle after visiting Electric Village for a test drive.

Kids with car 22

The Blair family love their EV and when they talk about it it’s easy to see why. There’s been no need to compromise with this smart EV that combines efficiency with some very appealing bells and whistles. In fact, Carolyn says it’s been a really positive change to her lifestyle.

“I love it. It’s really changed the way that we function. There’s a real feel good factor to running an EV. I find it very smooth to drive and the lack of noise is really pleasant.

We did quite a bit of research before we changed to an EV and we chose a sports model which has quite a few additional features. It’s got things like heated seats and a heated steering wheel - which are a real luxury on a cold morning. But the biggest luxury of all is never having to spend time filling up at a petrol station.”

Not filling up at a petrol station isn’t just saving Carolyn time - it’s saving her money as well. Carolyn admits that while the environment played a role in her decision, it was the economic benefits of owning an EV that sealed the deal.

“The more I looked into it the more it seemed a bit of a no brainer. Electric Village were really helpful and answered lots of my questions, as well as letting me test drive one of their EVs for a few days. I had friends and family as well who recommended making the change.

There’s a perception that electric vehicles are really expensive but we actually paid a lot less than we would have done if we’d gone for a petrol SUV. I really think this is a very affordable option for the family. It’s an ongoing saving as well. Not only our running costs but also our servicing costs. We’re expecting with less moving parts that it will be much more economical to look after our Leaf.”

Carolyn is a local valuer and uses her EV to get to all of her appointments during the day. Then she takes it out to do the kids’ after school activities in the evening. She’s found managing her battery is a breeze, and she can easily keep her charge levels up from home.

“We actually clock up a reasonable number of KMs running around town and we do it all on one charge. We’re doing lots of trips but relatively short distances, so it’s easy to just plug it in at the end of the day and charge it up. I always charge it to 80% and I just plug it in when I get home.

So many people say to me to remember to charge my car in case I run out, but it’s really not an issue. In fact, it’s been so easy to adapt to running an electric car it makes me wonder why more people aren’t doing it.”

If you’re wondering whether you could make the change to driving an EV, come and try one for yourself at the Electric Village.