The air’s electric in Gisborne, and we know why - Electric Village is officially open!

So, who are we, and what are we all about? Well, sitting pretty in stunning Tairāwhiti, Electric Village – our village – is designed as an inspiring, welcoming and collaborative space for folks to dream big about the future of energy. We’re the first of our kind here in NZ; a forward-thinking, innovation-embracing hub of new and emerging energy technology!

Founded by the minds behind Eastland Group, we’re NZ’s answer to an industry that’s moving lightning-quick and seeking solutions to some of the world’s biggest environmental and economic problems.
Eastland Group chief executive, Matt Todd, says, “The energy sector is undergoing rapid change, with innovations that could have significant benefits for our community.”

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“It’s essential that we start the conversation now, and talk about what’s happening internationally and could happen here. We want to understand what people think about the future of energy, and how they see our region being powered in the coming years and decades.”

So it’s here, in this vibrant and stimulating space of ours, that you’ll find all the latest and greatest energy information, displayed in interactive exhibitions, engaging graphics and some seriously fascinating facts. From up-to-date details on solar energy systems, to all you’ve ever wanted to know about electric vehicles and e-bikes, we’ve got energy covered.

We also take a good look at the past, present and future of energy technology, and investigate simple ways to make sure your home’s energy efficiency is in tip-top shape. And, if you’re a fan of electric energy already, we’re also the place where you can charge your electric vehicle (for free!), and test an e-bike or two.

In a move that’s both fitting and fun, we’ve also partnered up with the ground-breaking power company, Flick Electric, whose disruptive model and bright, bold retail space here at the Village is the perfect compliment to our fresh and innovative vision. Stop in for a visit, and you’ll be to able to cyber-speak to the Flick Customer Experience team, and even sign up on the spot!

Down at Electric Village, we’re open Monday to Friday, from 9am until 4pm. Drop in for a chat with our Energy Champion, Katherine, and be inspired by the possibilities that await us. The future of energy is right here, right now – get amongst it!