Electric Village + Flick Electric Co: a flickin’ electrifying idea!

Innovative energy is the name of the game here at Electric Village, so it makes perfect sense that we’d partner up with the fantastic folk at Flick Electric Co. And if you haven’t heard of Flick yet, well – it was only a matter of time! They’re taking NZ’s electricity industry by storm, winning all sorts of awards for being a groundbreaking, highly innovative power company who puts its customers first.

Launched in Wellington back in 2014, Flick’s company values and business model set them apart from the rest. Unlike your traditional electricity retailer, Flick doesn’t sell power to its customers at a set rate, hiding all the important info you need in order to make informed decisions about your power. Rather, they offer their customers the wholesale price (or spot price) of electricity with no mark-up, which means you’re charged the exact costs of getting power to your home or business. It’s honest and fair, and pretty darn brilliant, if you ask us! And the savings are well worth it. In the last 12 months (to Sept 2017), Gisborne customers saved a whopping $463 on average!

The Flick team are sticklers for upholding their core company values. For them, that’s all about being totally upfront and transparent with their pricing and weekly billing, providing customers with a clear breakdown of their bills so that they can see exactly where their money is going. They’re also firmly in the ‘no fixed term contracts or break fees’ camp: they don’t need ‘em and they don’t like ‘em (enough said!).

Flick like to look after their customers, so it's no surprise that they're NZ's only Consumer Trusted power company. This year, they also took out the People's Choice Award in Consumer's customer satisfaction survey.

If that wasn’t enough to float your boat, Flick’s smart meter tech, and their NZ-first CHOICE software, should be. These clever wee tools allow you to keep an eye on the real time price of electricity, as well as your own usage, so that you can make informed decisions about when you use your power. The CHOICE app also shows the live electricity mix and NZ’s carbon emission levels so that you can see exactly how your home or business influences the mix of electricity in our grid. It’s neat stuff.

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If you love Flick as much as we do, or you’re just keen to know more, head on down to visit us at Electric Village and check out their cool wee space. We’ve got lots more info for you, as well as a direct line to video call Flick’s awesome Customer Experience Advisors, and if you bring in your power bill, they can do a price comparison for you on the spot!
Flick’s proud to offer NZ’s Fairest Power Deal and a better way to buy power, and, here at Electric Village, we’re mighty proud to have partnered up with them. Learn more about Flick today!