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Who are Flick Electric Co? They’re the power company who’ve thrown their weight behind Tairāwhiti’s bright future, that’s who! They’re proud to be giving Kiwis power over their power, and a cheaper, smarter way to drive energy in our region, for our locals.

Not your bog-standard electricity retailer, Flick’s made up of a bunch of Kiwis who’re determined to shake up an industry that has rested on the status quo for far too long. The team at Flick believes that when it comes to our power, we all deserve better - and that means having access to fair priced electricity, having control over how much you’re using and spending, and knowing exactly where your money’s going when you pay those bills.

Flick offers customers the choice of two plans: Freestyle, the original spot price product that gives you access to wholesale power prices which change every 30 minutes; and FIXIE, a fixed price option that means you pay a steady rate for six months at a time, while still having access to supply costs at the wholesale rate. As fair as you can get, we reckon!

We love that Flick’s totally transparent and honest about their pricing, offering a billing system which splits out all of the costs on your weekly bill so you can see exactly what you’re paying for (including what portion is paid to Flick). The cherry on top? Flick's smart meter tech and award-winning software gives Flick customers access to live power prices and personalised carbon emissions info – flickin’ brilliant!

At the Village you’ll discover even more reasons why we love Flick (you can also check out them out online). Pop in and use Flick’s video calling station to chat to one of the team’s friendly faces in Wellington.

Welcome to the future of power, Tairāwhiti! 

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