Electric Vehicles

What’s fuelling the future? Electricity, that’s what! Not only are electric vehicles (EVs) better for the environment, but they’re cheaper on our wallets and they’re a lot of fun!


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Electric cars

Here’s a fun fact: around 85% of NZ’s electricity generation comes from clean, renewable resources, like hydro dams and wind farms. So, by using electricity to fuel our vehicles, we’re producing less carbon emissions and using less of our finite (and costly) sources of generation.

EVs are also cheap as chips - running one is the equivalent of paying 30 cents per litre of fuel! And if that’s not enough to rev your engine, the data reckons that Gisborne collectively spends around $120 million each year on our vehicles - changing to EVs could save us up to $60 million! Swing by the Village for all the info.


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Electric bikes

If steep hills are enough to keep you off your bike (let’s not even talk about the lycra), an electric bike might be more your scene. Not only do they make biking up hills a breeze, they’re highly cost-efficient: Consumer NZ estimates that a 20km daily commute would cost just 6 cents on an e-bike!

Our Village e-bikes are available for short test rides, so drop in and take one for spin.



UBCO utility bikes

These beasts are the ultimate clean, green work horse: no gas, no noise and performance across all terrains. Check out our display bike for yourself down at the Village.